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All your chickens favorites in one blend and they wont even know tha they are getting all Natural Antibiotics to keep them healthy. This blend has the best treats inside and assist in fighting against Coccidiiosis, Samonella, Infectious Bronchitis, Avian Flu and Ecoli and Deworming maintance. Our Incognito blend works best at keeping pathogens at bag. Toss out on to the ground or add to their feeder as desired. sizes Avail. in 1.75 pound and 3.75 pound.

Natural- Chick-N-Party Pak - Poultry Treat Blend

SKU: 0006
Opciones de precios
Compra única
Chick-N-Party Pak SM
Every 2 Month Subscription
$17.06cada 2 meses hasta que se cancele
Chick-N-Party Pak SM
Monthly Subscription
$17.06cada mes hasta que se cancele

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