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Ok.. so I read the reviews before purchasing I always do with anything I buy. And for starters they were not lying when they said this stuff smells amazing! (but strong) LOL My girls have been good so far with eating their food with this on it My girl Ginger who was really bad with the worms is a food snob she smells anything weird in her water or food she won't touch. So the fact she is devouring her food with this mixed in it and I'm noticing a huge difference with her. The Vet had already diagnosed her with worms, I had to do all the research to find something to get rid of them and I came across this product so very happy i did!!!!

Verified Purchase  5 Star


Very Fast shipping and my hens love ti! It has brought back some of our hens on the verge of sickness so we will continue using the dewormer. Thank You poultry store the great product! 

Verified  Purchase 5 Star

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